Frequently Asked Questions
Salamander Studio

Where can I see and buy Katie Janyk’s work?

Katie’s work is available in Canada at WINDOWS on the WATER in Gibsons’ Sunnycrest Mall, at FRESH FROM THE COAST on Cowrie St. in Sechelt BC, and by appointment at Salamander Studio in Gibsons Landing. (email or phone). Katie’s work is also sold at BEI KAYA studio in Avanos, Turkey.

How are the panels made?

Follow the link to see PHOTOS of the panel-making process . . . . . .

How heavy are the finished ceramic panels?

Panel weight depends on several factors.  How large is the panel? What type and thickness of backing does it have? What type of clay is used, and how deep/high is the relief carving? They are heavier than paintings of equal size.... but don’t worry! Each panel is equipped with hanging hardware guaranteed to hold its particular weight when hung properly.

How do I hang my panel?

Small panels hang the same as any painting.  Medium to large panels are equipped with the same cleat-type hardware used to hang kitchen cabinets, and will securely hold panels and mirrors of several hundred pounds.  To hang these panels you will need only a drill and a screwdriver. The hanging cleats can be screwed into wall studs, or into drywall with screw anchors. Affixing to brick or stone is also possible, but it’s probably a job for a contractor.

Is it safe to hang my panel outdoors?

Yes! Stoneware panels are glazed, and are resistant to water, freezing and thawing.  Extra sealant can be applied to the backing to ensure complete weather resistance. Terracotta panels are sealed front and back, but this less dense clay is better suited to sheltered spots like verandahs or entries.

Can the panel tiles be applied directly onto the wall or floor?

Yes! And this is an ideal solution for application on stone or concrete surfaces, using a commercial tile or stone adhesive. This is also how we do full-wall murals in showers and other walls, indoors and out. Murals are installed by a tile professional, using a “map” and instructions provided by Salamander Studio.

Can I get a custom designed panel?

Yes! Absolutely! One of our favourite things is creating panels with a particular client in mind. Katie meets with you, the homeowner, designer, or builder, to assess your needs and tastes, and designs just the right panel for you. After design approval, completion usually takes about 8 to 10 weeks.

How much will my panel cost?

Prices vary according to size, finish, and design complexity. In shops, prices start at about $25 for single unmounted tiles, and begin at about $35 for mounted tiles and panels. Retail prices for ready-made panels are the same, whether you shop at a store or at Salamander Studio. A ballpark starting point is $100 per square foot for simple terracotta pieces, to $200 or more per square foot for glazed stoneware and custom work.

On a budget? Contact Katie by email, FaceBook, or phone to discuss terms.

Because the panels that Katie Janyk creates at Salamander Studio are unique, we often get questions from prospective clients.  Here are answers to the most commonly asked questions.  If you have other questions not answered here, please contact us by email, on FaceBook, or at the phone or address below.